Virginie Manichon is a licensed architect and industrial designer living in San Francisco.
Orginally from France, she grew up surrounded by wooden toys and European design.
In 2012 she started Atelier19, a design and manufacturing studio.


Fun Facts about the bizibots:

The original Davibot is based on the famous drawing by Leonardo DaVinci - The vitruvian Man.

Davinci built a robot in 1495.

Davi is named for the artist.

Leobot, the dog is named for Leonardo.

Dazi gets her name from "Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two)," the first song to be performed by a computer and later featured in the film 2001: A space Odyssey.

Bizi is always busy and Izi is easy peasy.

The bots are made from maple wood and birch ply.

The kits contains 30-50 parts which are etched with electrical symbols and circuits.

They are fun to assemble and more fun to play with. You can balance and pose your bots in hundreds of ways.

Each Bot has a unique R.I.N. (Robot Identificaiton Number) which tells you when your bot was made.